Why e-hallpass?

Our top priority at Falls Church High School is the safety of all of our students. Included in this is being aware of where students are throughout the school day. One way we will begin to make sure we are continuing to ensure safety is through the use of e-hallpass. Falls Church is one of many FCPS schools who have implemented e-Hallpass in the last several years.

e-hallpass will work in much the same way our current paper pass system is, but rather than having teachers sign a pass, they will instead approve online.


How will students login to e-hallpass?

Students will have a link on their school-issued laptop desktop that opens to e-Hallpass, and they will use their school Google credentials to log in. 


What is e-Hallpass?

e-hallpass is a browser-based platform that allows students to request passes and have those electronically signed by staff members. Students will use their school-issued laptops to request a pass to the restroom. Staff will then approve the passes. Because the passes are web-based, students do not need to bring a device with them; security and other staff in the hallway will be able to look up a student’s pass. If a student does not have a device, teachers can create passes on their behalf. As we continue to work with e-hallpass, we will begin to add in other locations for students to request digital passes, including the clinic, the library, and other offices. 

We believe the transition to using e-hallpass will help to streamline our current pass system, as well as help to address student concerns regarding access to the bathroom and other reported issues. If there are too many students in the hall at a given time, students will have to wait to request their pass at a time the halls have cleared. 


Privacy and e-hallpass

e-hallpass uses student first and last names, grade, student profile picture and FCPS Google email addresses (due to login with Google).  Their Privacy and Security Policy can be found at: https://www.eduspiresolutions.org/privacy-policy/. Data on student hall pass usage is stored on a short-term basis and e-hallpass  have committed to never implementing targeted advertising tracking platforms as signatories of the Student Privacy Pledge 2020. E-hallpass has also signed a Data Protection Agreement (DPA) to cover the school’s FERPA responsibility as the data stored about students on this website meets the FERPA definition for Personally Identifiable Information (PII).