Student Services Staff

Director of Student Services, school counselors, and other staff

School Counselors

From the American School Counseling Association: School counselors are certified/licensed educators with a minimum of a master’s degree in school counseling, making them uniquely qualified to address all students’ academic, career and social/emotional development needs by designing, implementing, evaluating and enhancing a comprehensive school counseling program that promotes and enhances student success.

Other Student Services Staff

School Registrar Judy Anderson | @email 703-207-4022
Transcript Assistant Suzanne Lokke | @email 703-207-4067
Student Information Assistant Shonda Freeman | @email 703-207-4072
College and Career Center Specialist Renee Foster | @email 703-207-4297
School Psychologists 

Andrea Chambers | 703-207-4133

Jill Hinkley |  

School Social Workers

Andrea Gomperts | @email 703-207-4060

Shannon Stapleton | 703-207-4060

Assessment Coach Mariam Suqi | @email 703-207-4039
School Testing Coordinator Cameron Harrup | 703-207-4132
Spanish Parent Liaison

Carolina Dotel | @email 703-207-4074

Frances Wilson | 703-207-4074

Vietnamese Parent Liaison Yvonne Wynn | @email 703-207-4074
GCI Coordinator Ana Gaitan