College and Career Center

Helping students explore educational and career options, make realistic career decisions, and establish career goals

Coordinator: Terri Markwart | [email protected]


The College & Career Center is located in the main hallway and is open during Jag Time and all lunches.

The College & Career Center offers  information on:

  • Information on colleges and universities in the US and abroad
  • Over 100 college admissions visits each year
  • Test prep for PSAT, SAT, ACT, ASVAB, etc.
  • Strategies to make the college exploration and application process less stressful
  • Leads on internships and apprenticeships
  • Information on financial aid, scholarships and how to pay for college
  • Information on gap year programs and summer enrichment programs
  • Information on military careers, service academies, and ROTC scholarships