Staff and Visitor Parking Policy

Staff and Visitor Parking Rules and Regulations Policy

These regulations govern the registration, parking, operation, use and removal of motor vehicles on property owned or under the control of Falls Church High School (FCHS). They are designed to ensure the safe and orderly movement and parking of vehicles. All individuals who operate vehicles on campus are required to comply with these regulations.

Motor vehicle laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia are recognized on FCHS campus. FCHS assumes no responsibility for the theft, loss or damage to any vehicle operated or parked on university property. Any FCHS Staff or visitors with a registered vehicle on campus shall be held presumptively responsible for any violation involving his/her parking permit. If any vehicle is found on FCHS property in violation of regulations and/or not displaying a FCHS decal parking permit, the owner or person in whose name such vehicle is registered shall be held responsible.

All FCHS faculty or staff members, or food service employees who park motor vehicles on property owned or under the control of FCHS must register their vehicles with the Safety and Security Office. 

Enforcement of parking regulations begins on October 1 at which time official violations will be issued by the Safety and Security Office. All properly registered vehicles may be parked in designated Staff employee parking areas on campus. Certain parking spots throughout the campus may be designated for specific purposes or individuals and are clearly marked by signage. Any vehicle parked in any of these designated spots by unauthorized persons shall be warned, cited, and/or may be subject to towing at the owner’s expense. All staff and visitors must obey all parking signage and safety cones/barriers on the premises. 

Registration and Replacement

To register your vehicle, you must provide your vehicle registration information to the Safety and Security Office via the virtual opening Google Forms Document. The staff parking decal will be distributed via interoffice mail. The registration process is considered complete once you have received and placed the decal permit on the lower left portion of the vehicle’s rear window or rearview window. Any vehicle not displaying such a permit shall be considered unregistered. Staff will be issued only ONE parking decal for all registered vehicles. Damaged or stolen decal permits must be promptly replaced. Failure to replace such permits will be considered a violation. There is no charge for replacement of first permit, upon proof of damage to, or loss of, originally issued permits. A second replacement permit may be subject to a fee at the cost of replacement of the decal. Replacement permits are issued by the Safety and Security Office. Stolen permits should be immediately reported to the Safety and Security.

Rental and Loaner Vehicles

It is the responsibility of Staff to immediately notify the Safety and Security Office when a rental or loaner vehicle is being used and provide the make, model, color, license plates numbers, and approximate length of time of use of the vehicle being used in order to update our records. Staff should use the issued parking decal for the rental or loaner vehicles.

Disability Permits

Vehicles parked in designated handicapped parking spaces must display authorization from the motor vehicle administration agency of the state in which the vehicle is registered. Individuals who need accommodation until such authorization is acquired may obtain a special permit from their respective Department Chair that allows parking in areas otherwise prohibited. 

This special permit does not authorize parking in handicapped parking spaces, and it does not take the place of an official authorized permit from a state motor vehicle administration.

Temporary/Visitor Permit

Temporary/visitor hanging permits are valid only for the date issued. Temporary/visitor parking permits are available via the FCHS Main Office and must be authorized by Administration or Safety and Security Office. FCPS staff that divide their job duties between other facilities and FCHS may utilize their base assignment parking decal on campus. As such, those staff members please send notification to the Safety & Security with the make, model, color, and license plate number to be included for record.


No parking is allowed in a fire lane, or where safety cones/barriers, or where “No Parking” signs are posted. Certain spaces have been reserved for administrator, school resource office, and service vehicles. Service vehicles are defined as Physical Plant vehicles, contractor vehicles and delivery vehicles of license businesses. Motor vehicle operators are responsible for obeying all parking and traffic signs as posted. Parking or driving is prohibited on grass plots, tree plots, sidewalks, construction areas or where it will physically mar the landscaping of the campus, create a safety hazard, interfere with the use of FCHS facilities, hinder the free movement of pedestrian or vehicular traffic or impede the use of emergency equipment.


Towing is at the owner’s expense and liability. Contact Safety and Security Office for towing service used. Vehicles may be subject to towing for the following violations:

  • Vehicle improperly parked in a reserved space
  • Vehicle parked in fire lane
  • Vehicle interfering with traffic flow
  • Vehicle left unattended for more than two weeks (unless previously approved)


Violations are the responsibility of the person to whom the permit is registered. The following are violations of the FCHS Staff and Visitor Parking Rules and Regulation Policy:

  • Parking unregistered/unauthorized vehicles on campus
  • Parking a vehicle in a lot assigned to another classification of users
  • Improper display or failure to display registration decal permit
  • Exceeding the campus speed limit
  • Ignoring or disobeying any posted sign, traffic device, or barricade
  • Parking in “No Parking” zones, including:
    • loading docks
    • service and access areas
    • roadways or vehicular areas in such a way as to obstruct traffic
    • designated pedestrian walkways
    • grass or lawn areas
    • handicapped areas (unless authorized)
    • fire lanes
    • yellow-painted curbs
  • Unauthorized parking in reserved parking spaces
  • Abandoned motor vehicle

Penalties of any aspect of the FCHS Staff and Visitors Parking Rules and Regulation Policy will result in the follow: 


Any dispute concerning parking tickets must be brought to the Safety & Security Office or Administration within 10 school days of the issuance date of the ticket. Any violations will result in:

  • 1st Violation – $50 citation paid with cash or check (payable to Falls Church High School) at the Falls Church High School Security Office or Main Office and notification of violation to administrator or supervisor  (i.e. failure to properly display FCHS or registered Academy parking permit, improper parking in designated areas, parking in a non-designated area and/or within a marked parking space, etc.) 
  • 2nd Violation and EACH AND EVERY SUBSEQUENT VIOLATION(S) -$100 citation paid with cash or check (payable to Falls Church High School) at the Falls Church High School Security Office or Main Office, notification of violation to administrator or supervisor, AND suspension or revocation of parking pass without refund of parking permit cost.

Vehicles with multiple parking violations beyond the three (3) violations noted above may be subject to be towed off school grounds and impounded at the owners’ expense.

All unregistered/unauthorized vehicles parked on FCHS property in the fire lane, yellow-painted curbs, white-painted crosswalks, handicap designated spaces, or where “No Parking” signs are posted may be subject to immediate towing and impounded at owners’ expense without notification.