Student Parking Policy

Student Parking Rules and Regulation Policy

Please note that your application will not be accepted unless ALL of the information is completed, including student and parent/guardian signatures, and a copy of your Driver's License (i.e. that you can lawfully drive alone). Applications containing false information will result in the loss of parking privileges with forfeiture of any fees paid.

The number of available parking spaces is limited. Applications will be prioritized first come-first serve FOR SENIORS ONLY.  Once the window closes, applications will be reviewed by the administrative and safety/security team to approve or deny parking requests. Students with attendance and/or discipline issues can have their applications rejected by their administrator.  Once the eligible students are determined notification emails will be sent via their FCPSschools email. It is your responsibility to review your email for acceptance notifications. The notification will include directions for paying for your parking using MySchoolBucks via the school store, cash or check payments. Payments must be received prior to obtaining a parking permit. Issuance of a parking permit will constitute receipt of payment. 

Parking on Fairfax County Public School (FCPS) grounds is a privilege, and certain obligations and responsibilities come with that privilege. Please understand and realize that your Parking Permit and campus-driving privileges may be revoked at the discretion of the Administration. These rules and regulations help to ensure that parking is available to eligible Parking Permit holders. It is your responsibility to follow all the rules and regulations, which will be strictly enforced. 

Parking Permits will not be issued to those students with outstanding financial obligations to Falls Church High School (FCHS), until those obligations to the school have been paid in full.

Parking Rules and Regulations

  1. Students must drive responsibly and must obey all Commonwealth of Virginia DMV laws, including passenger restriction laws/teen driving restrictions.
  2. Students must abide by the posted speed limit on school grounds, 15 miles per hour, as well as maintain control of their vehicles on school grounds. Students must also observe laws such as stopping behind buses with flashing lights, yielding to pedestrians, and not recklessly endangering themselves, other students/visitors, or the faculty of FCHS. 
  3. Motor vehicle operators are responsible for obeying all parking and traffic signs as posted on school grounds and designated areas.
  4. All drivers and vehicles must be registered with the school and must be parked only in designated areas, with Parking Permit always displayed in properly registered cars. A standard FCHS must be clearly displayed on the rearview mirror inside. 
  5. Parking Permits are non-transferable to other students, except in carpool situations. If you choose to carpool with other students it is at your own risk. If a student in that carpool violates the FCHS parking policy the parking pass will be suspended or revoked for the entire carpool. Students will lose their privileges immediately should they transfer, sell, or loan their Parking Permit to a third party with no refund of paid parking fees. 
  6. Should a student change or add a vehicle, the student MUST notify the Safety & Security Office of the newly registered vehicle as soon as possible. 
  7. Vehicles parked in designated handicapped parking spaces must display authorization from the motor vehicle administration agency of the state in which the vehicle is registered. Individuals who need accommodation until such authorization is acquired may obtain a special permit from the Administration that allows parking in areas otherwise prohibited, ei, on-campus staff parking lot. This special permit does not authorize parking in handicapped parking spaces, and it does not take the place of an officially authorized permit from a state motor vehicle administration.
  8. This special permit does not authorize parking in handicapped parking spaces, and it does not take the place of an officially authorized permit from a state motor vehicle administration.  
  9. Any vehicle not displaying such a permit shall be considered unregistered. Damaged or stolen decal permits must be promptly replaced. Failure to replace such permits will be considered a violation. There is no charge for the replacement of the first permit, upon proof of damage to, or loss of originally issued permits. A second replacement permit may be subject to a fee at the cost of the replacement of the decal. Replacement permits are issued by the Safety and Security Office. Stolen permits should be immediately reported to Safety and Security.
  10. FCHS Parking Permits are reserved at designated areas for use between the hours of 7:30 am to 3:30 pm on days in which school is in session. 
  11. Parking Permit holding students are responsible for all passengers’ actions and belongings left in the vehicle. FCHS shall NOT assume any responsibility for damage to vehicles or other items of personal property left in them, including parking permits, while on school premises. All vehicles must be locked while parked.
  12. Vehicles are off-limits to students during the school day (8:10 am to 2:55 pm), and permit-holding students or passengers of permit holders may not leave school grounds without proper authorization from the Administration. Unauthorized leaving of school grounds may result in student vehicles being searched. 
  13. Student vehicles on school grounds or designated areas may be searched when there are reasonable grounds to believe that they contain illegal items or in violation of the Student Rights and Responsibilities (SR&R).
  14. Texting or use of a cell phone while driving on school property is strictly prohibited.
  15. Any violation of these regulations or of safe driving practices at any time may result in the revocation of the school permit and or further disciplinary action. 

Falls Church Academy Parking Rules and Guidance

Students who are enrolled in FCHS Academy classes are required to park in non-reserved and designated Academy locations per FCHS Academy administration. If a student has a valid current year FCPS parking permit from their base school there is NO FEE to park at Falls Church Academy. 

If the student does not possess a parking permit from their base school a parking permit MUST be obtained at Falls Church High School at a designated fee. This issued parking permit will only be valid when parking at FCHS.

All student driver forms should be completed, signed by the student and parent/guardian and submitted to Ms. Fields in the Academy Office, room 237, prior to parking on the premises.

Fines and Penalties

Any violation of this Falls Church High School parking agreement may result in written warnings, citations, temporary suspension of parking privileges, forfeiture of parking privileges, or towing for all persons registered to that vehicle or parking permit without refund of permit cost, depending upon the severity of the infraction. Unauthorized leaving of school grounds by all students holding an FCHS parking permit may result in loss of parking privileges for all vehicles registered to the permit for the first violation without refund of parking permit cost. A student’s school record can affect your parking privileges. Student behavior during the course of the day and attendance can affect your parking privileges and may result in disciplinary action or suspension of parking privileges. 

No parking is allowed in a fire lane, yellow painted curbs, handicap designated spaces, interference with traffic flow, or where “No Parking” signs are posted. Contact the Safety and Security Office for the towing service used.

Penalties of any aspect of the FCHS Staff and Visitors Parking Rules and Regulation Policy will result in the follow: 


Any dispute concerning parking tickets must be brought to the Safety & Security Office or Administration within 10 school days of the issuance date of the ticket. Any violations will result in:

  • 1st Violation – $50 citation paid with cash or check (payable to Falls Church High School) at the Falls Church High School Security Office or Main Office and notification of violation to administrator or supervisor  (i.e., failure to properly display FCHS or registered Academy parking permit, improper parking in designated areas, parking in a non-designated area and/or within a marked parking space, etc.)

  • 2nd Violation and EACH AND EVERY SUBSEQUENT VIOLATION(S) -$100 citation paid with cash or check (payable to Falls Church High School) at the Falls Church High School Security Office or Main Office, notification of violation to administrator or supervisor, AND suspension or revocation of parking pass without refund of parking permit cost.

Vehicles with multiple parking violations beyond the three (3) violations noted above may be subject to be towed off school grounds and impounded at the owners’ expense.

All unregistered/unauthorized vehicles parked on FCHS property in the fire lane, yellow-painted curbs, white-painted crosswalks, handicap designated spaces, or where “No Parking” signs are posted may be subject to immediate towing and impounded at owners’ expense without notification.