Falls Church High School Celebrates 75th Anniversary

Awards and Recognition
October 28, 2019

The Fairfax County School Board honored Falls Church High School on its 75th anniversary. Falls Church High School Principal Ben Nowak, members of the administration, and students attended the School Board meeting on October 24:    

WHEREAS, Falls Church High School is proudly celebrating its 75th anniversary, with a reputation for providing students with an excellent academic foundation so that they may embark on their futures fully prepared with critical thinking skills, global and environmental awareness, ethics, a sense of citizenship, and problem-solving skills; and

WHEREAS, Falls Church High School’s faculty and staff are committed to ensuring learning for all students, maintaining high expectations, and relentlessly responding when students need additional support; and

WHEREAS, thousands of students have proudly passed through Falls Church High School’s doors and benefitted from a comprehensive education as a result of the tireless efforts of dedicated teachers and staff, in a collaborative, nurturing environment that cultivates and celebrates academic success while fostering mutual respect, a joy of learning, a sense of family, and pride in its community; and

WHEREAS, the school has continued to provide the best educational tools and learning opportunities for its students by offering programs that meet the needs of its diverse student body and the demands of a 21st-century world, including being the home of a Governor’s Health Sciences Academy and the first Vietnamese language courses to be offered in any Virginia public school; and

WHEREAS, Falls Church High School is proud of its diversity; its student population represents fifty-six countries and fifty-three languages, diversity that is celebrated daily in its classrooms and hallways, and through cultural events that bring students, parents, and faculty together as a Jaguar Family;

NOW THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Fairfax County School Board honors Falls Church High School on the occasion of its 75th Anniversary and celebrates its history of providing educational excellence and enrichment opportunities to its students and community.