Falls Church Science Fair

By Missy Brady
January 13, 2020

Congratulations to all science fair winners!


Biology and Biomedical Sciences

1st place – Jenny Tran and Melanie Vargas – The Effect of Different Catlase Concentrations on the Decomposition Rate of Hydrogen Peroxide

2nd place – Sree Koganti – The Effect of Different Types of Water on the Growth of Aquatic Plants

3rd place –  Sophie Tidwell and Audrey Schaal – The effect of different headphones on how bad it is for human ears

HM – Leo Goldblatt – How Accurately Can Crickets “Predict” the Temperature?


Chemical and Biochemical Sciences

1st place – Kevin Nguyen and Kenny Nguyen – The Effect of the colored light on how bright the bioluminescence is produced

2nd place – Michael Messeh and Bruke Yimer Wolle – The Effect of different brands of laundry detergents on t-shirt stain

3rd place – Claire Conley and Halima Hersi - The Effect of Polarity of Removal of Permanent Marker

HM – Newton Ma and Daniel Shutov - The Effect of Different Conductors on Amount of Hydrogen Produced

HM – Nolan Coughlin and Andrew Bryceland – The effect of ethanol concentration on the heart rate of Daphnia Magna

HM – Stephanie Terceros – The Effect of Different Antacid Brands of the Neutralization of Lemon Juice

HM – Minh Phan – The effect of water temperature on dyeing cotton with Rit dye


Computational and Engineering Sciences

1st place – Omer DoSantos and Andy Duong – The Effect of the Number of Blades on a Wind Turbine on the Amount of Watts Produced

2nd place – Avinab Shrestha and Minh Nguyen – The effect of the material used for soundproofing on the absorption of sound

3rd place – Michelle Long and Ngoc Quy Tran – The Effect of Different Biodegradable Materials on the Speed of Decomposition

HM – Anh Quach and Amanda Chiem- The Effect of Different Materials on the Amount of Motor Oil Absorbed

HM – Nicholas Lower-Basch and Lauren Santoro – The Effect of Different Voltage Levels on the Strength of an Electromagnet


Earth and Environmental Sciences

1st place – Hugo Liu and Ethan Maddox – Airborne chemicals and human health: the effect of vaporized oils on pH solution

2nd place – Harper Tran - The Effect Of Locality on Water Quality

3rd place –  Jodi Tay and Jenna Khieu – The Effects of Water Filtration Using Natural Materials on Stream Water

HM – Chrisopher Palacios Salvatierra, Jeferson Rodriguez Espinal, and Jasmine Vargas – The effect of UV light on algae growth


Physics and Astronomy

1st place – Erich Patterson - The Behavior of wing sweep on the critical angle of attack of an airfoil

1st place – Duy Nguyen - The Effect of the angle of incident light on the output power of solar panel

2nd place – Zoe Bogan – The effect of different windmill blades and speed of the wind affect the amount of energy that can be generated

3rd place – Ngoc Anh Nguyen, Sylvan Carey, and Rachel Hirz - The Effect of Insoles Cushioning on the impact force