Congratulations to FCHS Science Fair Winners!

Awards and Recognition
January 19, 2021

Science Fair Winners!

Congratulations to all who participated in the Falls Church High School Science Fair!  The winners are below:

1st place - Makenzie Cober- The effect of adhesive substances on the pitching of a baseball

2nd place - Charles Duong - Diagnosing Early Melanoma Using Machine Learning Algorithms

2nd place- Gabe Keelor - The effect of the type of covering on the degree of sun damage

3rd place- Kai Ferro, Sam Ross, Shaan Bhaskar- The Effect of Wing Angle on Linear Distance of Planes

HM – Duy Nguyen - A Step towards Understanding Marine Life through Investigating Speed of Sound in Different Water Temperature

HM- Zoli Bundics - The Effect of Paper Type on Ink Retention

HM - Nathanael Clock - The Effect of acidic drinks on Eggshells