Falls Church High School Renovation Questions

Renovation Questions


Q: The community addressed concerns regarding stormwater and runoff. There was a request for the storm water management plan drawings.

A: The site is designed for self-contained runoff on site, which is detained, filtered and treated before entering public domain. The stormwater design will be in compliance with regulatory requirements for stormwater and runoff. The site plan and storm water management plan are attached for reference.

Jacks Lane Gate/Jacks Lane:

Q: A discussion took place regarding the vehicular gate access from Jacks Lane. Will the back fence gate (by the proposed parking lot) in the SE corner remain?”

A: The proposed plan removes the gate by the SE corner. The vehicular access will remain open.

Pedestrian Gates:

Q: A discussion took place regarding the pedestrian gates around the perimeter fencing. Currently there are (3) pedestrian gates. One is located at the southeast corner, another by the proposed tennis courts and the third behind the football bleachers. Which ones are to remain?

A: The pedestrian gate at the southeast corner will be removed and replaced with fencing at this location. Pedestrian access will still be available by the trail that is parallel to the fence line. The gates by the proposed tennis courts will also be removed and replaced with fencing. The pedestrian access by the football bleachers will remain.

Marching Band:

Q: The community noted the marching band tends to practice marching on the basketball courts. Is there a space for this located somewhere?

A: The marching band has several potential locations on the site where they can practice including but not limited to the turf practice field, the baseball outfield, the west parking lot and the stadium field as permitted by the school and schedule.

Falls Church High School Follow-up from Saint Parish Catholic Church Staff - April 30, 2021

Q: Our office received questions from The Saint Parish Catholic Church staff by Email on April 30th, 2021, to clarify neighboring properties will not be impacted by runoff created by proposed conditions. The Church staff questions are below:

We do have some concerns—largely for our downstream neighbors--that Outfall 1 (or other Outfalls) could be overwhelmed given the channeling of significant new quantities of runoff. Can you help us with understanding the handling capacity of these Outfalls to accommodate the designed for 1-year, 2-year and 10-year storms?

What could happen if we have one of those large storms which surpass the usual thresholds? (I’m thinking of a storm in early July 2019)?

A: The proposed stormwater management (SWM) and drainage conditions will be an improvement from existing conditions. The proposed parking lot in the southeast (SE) corner of the Falls Church High School site conveys a portion of the existing overland flow to the proposed parking area storm pipe system and the StormTech SWM facility. The proposed SWM system will detain the peak flow to levels below the undeveloped good-forested conditions for the 1, 2 and 10-year storm events and satisfies the Fairfax County requirements for SWM and stormwater outfall. The detained flow is piped to the existing storm pipe system near the