Falls Church HS Coronavirus information

We will work to update this page daily. For information from the School Division, visit Coronavirus update

School Administration

Students, parents, community members, reach out to the following administrators based on your question/concern: 

Jessica Grenfell Questions and concerns regarding Mental Health and College & Career readiness. 

Jeanne Kelly Questions and concerns regarding building use, athletics, and extracurriculars. 

Bill McGreevy Questions and concerns about the FC Academy program or Special Education.

Gabi Ritchey, Peter Lake or Kristi Layman Para quienes solicitan ayuda en español.

FCHS faculty should contact their administrator for the department. 

Health Information

Fairfax County Health Department


Can I come in to pick up my child’s belongings?

  • At this time, schools are closed to students and staff until further notice.


Can I come in to pick up my child’s medications?

  • At this time, parents will not be able to retrieve any medications currently secured in our clinics.  Parents should contact their primary care physician if additional medications are needed.


When will teacher supported learning begin?

  • By March 27, 2020, FCPS will determine whether it is feasible to resume any level of teacher supported learning activities. A planning day (virtual or in-school) would be provided prior to any teacher requirements for providing instructional supports.


Where can my child get breakfast and/or lunch?


Are there resources for my child to continue learning?

  • FCPS is providing families with centralized resources to support continuity of learning. These resources are not required and will not be graded. These activities can be accessed through the FCPS 24-7 Learning Continuity of Learning module http://fcps.blackboard.com and are available at www.fcps.edu.


Where do I get help for things like food or medical needs? 


How do I help neighbors in need? 

  • FCPS ways to donate

  • FCHS loves the Foundation for FCPS, last fall it supported us with enough school supplies for half the student population! We just emptied the food pantry and donated the items to Food for Others. 


Student - my Dual Enrollment form for next year was due, can I still turn it in? 

  • We are waiting for information from NVCC regarding DE required paperwork, including those that need VPT testing. 


Will the 3rd quarter grading period be extended?

  • That will be determined by FCPS, we do not have information at this time. 


Will we still have SOLs and AP exams in May? 

  • We are waiting for more direction on SOLs, however, College Board has come out with decisions.